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Bradbury Community Club


Roane County boasts a rich musical heritage, particularly in roots bluegrass and gospel.  Friends and families have played together for years - and you never know where you will find impromptu jammin' sessions.

Where you can count on hearing some great jammin' sessions every Tuesday night and stage shows every 3rd Saturday night is Bradbury Community Club.  A restored schoolhouse, this gem receives more inquiries into the visitors bureau than any other attraction or event.   And everyone enjoys it - even cloggers, who always have room for toe-tappin' fun!

While these jam sessions and stage shows are filled with local talent, visitors are always welcome! Come on in the schoolhouse and take a seat. Before and between songs, take the opportunity to talk to the musicians about how they soak in the sounds of Roane.

The jams usually start around 6:30pm every Tuesday (unless it falls on Christmas). The stage show on the third Saturday of every month gets going around the same time.

Keep in mind that these musicians are playing music they love and want to share with you. If you play an instrument, you might want to bring it along and join the fun! 

 The facility rents out to groups for a variety of events. A four hour rental is $50.00 and a full day is $90.00 with a $25.00 refundable deposit if the facility has been cleaned up after use. The Club will not rent to any group that uses alcohol or drugs.


The primary phone listed here is for the Roane County Visitors Bureau. We are open M-F 8:30am-5pm. If you have questions about Bradbury, we'll be happy to help! 

Bradbury Community Club

3rd Saturday, 7 pm & every Tuesday 6 - 10 pm Address 3343 Buttermilk Road Kingston, TN 37763 Phone 406-3404